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We partner with leading mud and dirt motorsport brands to expand their customer base to millions of people globally through developing #1 ranking racing video games across multiple platforms.

If you're involved in motorsports as an events promoter, sponsor, TV broadcaster, merchandiser or would like to be included in one of our games then Contact Us to see how we can help you grow your revenue, ENHANCE customer experience and reduce advertising costs.


ODD Games is a video game development studio based in Adelaide, South Australia. There are 3 x Co-Founders of ODD Games, Terry O'Donoghue (Art Director), David O'Donoghue (Technical Director) and Ben Marsh (Managing Director)

Terry had the vision a few years ago to create a monster truck game as at the time there were no decent monster truck games on the market that he felt were adequately representing the sport. Being a gifted artist Terry was able to manage all of the graphical content however he needed a programmer. David (Terry's brother) was a programmer but had no interest in creating games as he was too busy developing for the public sector. Eventually Terry coerced David to help. At this time David researched which software to use and settled on Unity due to its flexibility of being able to port to different platforms.

David and Terry worked tirelessly on developing a working prototype and were able to secure the licensing rights to BIGFOOT® as well as secure a publishing contract with Chillingo (a division of EA) for the iOS version of Monster Truck Destruction. It was at this stage that their mentor Graeme Kennelly suggested to the brothers that they undertake the MEGA Business program to develop their business plan. It was at MEGA that Terry and David would meet Ben. Being an avid gamer himself as well as business savvy the 3 x pillars of a gaming business were set. In 2011 ODD Games won the 3 top prizes at the MEGA SA Business Challenge in Adelaide.

In 2012 ODD Games was incorporated and has gone from strength to strength. If you would like to be a part of our journey then Contact Us.

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